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US and EU most important rules in packaging legislation


EU and US regulations will ensure that nutrition information is easier to understand and much harder to overlook on the label.

In EU establishes a new legal framework for the nutrition information, ratified in September of 2011, with full compliance for most companies required by December 13, 2014. This new regulation encompases more tan 50 pages of rules that standardize the presentation of food information f food information and lower the administrative burden of tracking data. And, most important, the rules ensure that consumers have complete, unambiguous, highly legible information about the foods they plan to eat prior to purchase. Below the main features are outlined. Prior to the new regulation, many products displayed an allegens table somwhere on the package, all allergens must be in the list of ingredientes and highlighted that clearly distinguishes it form the rest of the list of ingredients.This keeps mom from having t oread the ingredientes first and then scour all the other panels to look for egg yolks, whey, crustaceans or prodcuts made with a part from one of the 85,000 extant species of mollusks.

In US, the Foos and Drug Administration anoounced on February 27,2014 that there will be: New food labeling regulations are coming to the US as well. For example, the Food and Drug Administration announced on February 27, 2014 that there will be: Much more prominent display of information such as serving sizes and calories. A requirement that serving sizes reflect what people actually eat at a typical sitting not the smaller amount that falls inline with daily caloric intake recommendations. More prominent display of daily value percentages for nutrients, along with information about what the values mean. Based on new understanding of nutrition science – such as requiring information about added sugars, updating the daily values for certain 'nutrients of public health significance', emphasizing the importance of avoiding certain kinds of fat rather than focusing on total calories from fat and so on.

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